About Us

Truly, it is not about “us”, but we know it is important to know that your health is in good hands…

Mason and Sandra McClellan LAc.’s MSOM are licensed by the MN State Medical Board with a Masters of Oriental Medicine from the esteemed American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Our medical education is over 4 years of graduate school full-time/year-round.  This is not a weekend seminar certificate or a novelty treatment by your MD.  We are dedicated students to a complete medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 3000 hours of training and education.  When looking for acupuncture and the full expression of TCM settle on nothing less than an LAc.

Mason has his undergraduate in Economics from the U of MN and a background in fitness.  Sandra has her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the U of MN.  In her previous career, she spent 6 years as a re-hab specialist at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology.

Mason and Sandra McClellan are dedicated to our patients and committed to given them the highest level of care.  We are excited to introduce the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Lake Minnetonka community.  Please let us know how we can help you

Mason and Sandra are also fitness enthusiasts whether it is yoga, kettlebells or running we are into it!!!