PCOS and Infertility

The PCOS Fix

How to Overcome this cause of Infertility


PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common anovulatory disorder and the single biggest hormonal cause of female infertility, nearly 70% of infertility cases are due to PCOS.  PCOS affects roughly 15M women in America, (they say 10% of females have this condition, my guess is that it is more)

I would call it Type II Infertility.  (as opposed to “unexplained infertility”)

PCOS is what maybe keeping you from having a baby.

There are genetic factors to this condition, however…

Let’s get down to controllable factors.

Insulin resistance is the primary driver of PCOS. Your body no longer effective at regulating blood sugar, affecting this delicate hormone balance. Essentially, your ovaries become dysfunctional.

But how is this caused?

Insulin is the hormone that your body uses to turn food into stored energy, it acts like a key to open up the cells. Being insulin resistant means that the body has stopped responding to ‘normal’ insulin levels. Your pancreas then needs to work harder by producing more insulin to unlock the cells. This consistent state of high insulin levels or hyperinsulinemia, causes the problem.  Your cells become tolerant to the insulin.  Basically your fat cells are saying no more energy is needed.  While your organs are saying ‘hey, there is too much sugar in the bloodstream’ (acute high blood sugar can cause death, chronic high blood sugar causes type II diabetes/PCOS).

The long-term exposure of insulin on the ovaries induces the PCOS.

Be aware, you can be skinny or overweight and still have PCOS.

3 Primary problems PCOS causes with your fertility!

A.  Clinically, PCOS can reveal itself as irregular ovulation or just not ovulating- from ovulating on cycle day 3 or 30 and/or even getting positive ovulation prediction kit results twice a month or seeing that positive surge for 10-15 days long.  Also a higher level of androgens are common (elevated testosterone) causing acne, excess body hair, or thin hair.  In regards to fertility, you don’t release an egg.

B.  PCOS patients tend to have more cysts, both functional cysts and the pearl-like appearance of the ovary.  These pearl-like follicles don’t mature to release properly.

C.  Finally, the quality of what eggs may release is usually poor.  Resulting in no fertilization, early miscarriage (blighted ovum) or non-viable pregnancy.


Diet is the key to managing PCOS

In Chinese Medicine, we refer to this as a proper diet.

Food choice is both the problem and the solution, period.

And this is what most people/websites get wrong.  A “balanced, healthy, natural” or whatever diet is not enough.  The closer you get to a keto-genic diet the better and the faster the condition will resolve.

Most people do not want to believe this or follow it.  

But that is the truth.

A low carb, high fat diet is the way.  (LCHF)

A very low-carb diet is best for treating PCOS.  A grain free/gluten free diet is ideal.  Sparingly sweet potato is going to be your best carb option. Fats should account for nearly 60 percent of your daily calorie intake as this aids in the regulation of blood sugar.

Ideally your calories should look like this, maybe vary the protein up or down a bit but keep the carbs low.

60% Fat

35% Protein

5%   Carbs

Eggs, avocado, meats, some green veggies, and a sweet potato every once in awhile.

This way of eating does a few awesome things.  It forces your body to utilize excess bodyfat, it reduces insulin exposure to the ovaries and it reduces hunger!

But what about….meals, dairy, sweets, vacation, fruit, etc…

No, no, no and no LCHF is your best answer.

Imagine you were a smoker….the only option is to not smoke.  Anything else you think about is less effective.  Same with this approach, if you want a baby.  You have to control your insulin levels and limiting carbs is the best way, end of story.

I am not suggesting this way of eating is fun or easy.  But it is a great solution to your problem and it doesn’t cost $30k like IVF which has maybe a 40% success rate.  That is a big and expensive gamble.

“Let food be thy medicine”

Fix your own health

Other questions…  

Drugs can help but you are band-aiding the issue.

Yes, Metformin will moderate blood sugar.

Yes, Synthroid can help you ovulate on a more regular basis.

Yes, stim drugs help you develop eggs.  (clomid, letrozole, follistim, etc)

But they don’t address the problem of chronically high insulin levels.

What about exercise, yes we can talk about that?

So here is my offer…

Let’s work together and fix this.  

Let’s see you how you are eating and make the pivot.

I want you to have success and get pregnant

You are going to have problems and question.

I am asking you to change some habits.  It will take you a week or two to plan and clean out your pantry.

I will let you in on how I eat and a little secret or two to make LCHF more effective.

So we will meet 3 times in-person or chat online in about a month.

Let’s see where your at, give you a plan and fine tune a strategy to fit your situation.

Why me…

I know nutrition pretty well and I am confident this approach will work.  No one knows what I know in regards to fertility and food in this space.

Your MD doesn’t, your RE doesn’t care, most other “natural” practitioners aren’t schooled in fertility strategies.  Dietician are stuck in ‘balanced, whole-grain diets.”  Nurses don’t do much with food.  This is a very specific approach and space.  If you have questions on fertility I can help, if you ask about metabolism, exercise, etc… I can help.  Other practitioners just don’t do this.

Here is the rub.

You now have all the information to make this happen.

The problem is that reading and understanding is not doing.

Take Action!

You need commitment and accountability.

I will help you succeed and having a guide is the best and quickest way to get from Point A to B.

I eat this way and so should you:)

When my schedule fills up, prices for this program will go up.

Take the plunge with me and let’s help you get pregnant.

All you have to do is book a time to meet.


To your health,

Mason McClellan LAc


PS…You will get!

2-3 hours of contact time

More about your Diagnosis and what tests to run

Food Guidelines

A secret or two

More energy, better skin

Exercise strategy

Fertility Insight

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