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Why we do what we do…

Welcome to the Minnesota Clinic of Integrated Medicine.

We pride ourselves on serving a very unique niche, in short it is our primary mission to help couples create families!  There are very few places in the country let alone the Minneapolis that do what we do.  As of 2014 we have helped over 60 couples become families.  Some using acupuncture, herbs and diet alone, others in conjunction with IUI, IVF or reproductive technologies.  We uniquely understand your given circumstance and the actions you need to take to in order to have success.  It can be a long and difficult journey but we are here to guide you thru.  Of course we can handle other types of cases but we are committed to being the “go to” clinic for all things Fertility and Women’s Health.

If you are ready to take the next step please book online or email if you have questions but in the meantime read-on and explore our website…

This was a particularly nice fertility story and some very kind words:

Here’s what I’d like to say… 

I went to Sandra in November 2012 to help with overall stress and well being.  At the time I was hoping that this would indirectly help fix my “unexplained infertility”, but figured acupuncture would be coupled with IVF months down the road (if we even went down that road again).  I already had two beautiful children from two separate IVF cycles after years of failed IUIs and miscarriages.  In late February 2013, Sandra reminded me that I was due for a pregnancy test so I went home, peed on the stick and could not believe my eyes when I read the positive result!  I was pregnant without the use of fertility drugs or surgeries!  That was just the beginning of my adventure with Sandra.  She successfully helped me through each trimester and now onto the new baby and breastfeeding phase.  

Each and every day I look at my baby girl and cannot believe how fortunate we are to have crossed paths with Sandra.  Her knowledge of the body’s interaction with herbs, acupuncture and diet is spot on and she explains it all so well.  Her personality is so genuine and caring that you feel like you are her one and only patient even though she has many, many woman’s cycles and unique challenges she’s working on.  

This testimonial goes without saying that I will continue to recommend Sandra and Mason’s practice to anyone and everyone that might benefit.  Cheers to more stories like mine!

-LG Carver County, MN

Our Baby B

What a doll!

What a doll!


We believe that not all acupuncture is the same.

We believe that what we offer is BETTER.

How do we do things different?

We believe in a deep and lasting connection with our patients.

We believe in privacy and a quiet place to have candid conversation about your health.

We believe that acupuncture when done right is supported with proper herbal prescriptions, lifestyle adjustments and dietary therapy.

We speak English as our native language, we try and make sure you understand what we are doing and why and we can answer questions and try not to overwhelm you with confusion nor lose you in translation.

We think good healthcare is about teaching you about what we can do to best help your issue and conversing candidly, your health is not conducive to community settings nor are most conditions for that matter.

We don’t use acupuncture as an adjunct add-on.  Other professions don’t have the training, context, background nor stay with continuing education to do acupuncture in how we think it should be done.  They have no reference to recommend herbs, diet, or lifestyle in how they interrelate with Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy.  They miss opportunities to fully use a very complete medical system.

We are constantly striving for better.  There is a lot of Dogma in our world.  We are constantly learning and refining our methods to make sure you get the best care.  We look at all resources Eastern and Western and try and come up with a plan and treatment that best suits YOU.  Sometimes western medicine is the better option, sometimes it is acupuncture but most of the time it is both.  We support any therapy that makes our work better, because in the end that makes you better!

Well we have gotten this far.  We have a beautiful acupuncture clinic in Chanhassen, MN with highly-trained and specialized practitioners that concentrate in these areas Pain, Internal Medicine and OB/GYN/Pediactrics.

If you have Pain, Stress or Women’s Health concerns we probably have a safe, natural and effective solution.

Sandra doing fertility notes.

(Also for more specific fertility info visit Sandra’s site


So if you didn’t notice we do a lot of acupuncture…are you ready to try it our way?


Why don’t you come in and let’s see what we can do for you most people want to know these three things, so give us a call 952-294-9978 today.

1. Can we help you?


2. How long will it take to feel better and be healthier?  

A typical course of treatment is 8-10 sessions in 4-6 weeks.

3. And we let you know about how much it will all cost. 

Sessions start at $75.


The pond behind our clinic.


Also, we only treat those cases that we think will benefit from our care.

Chances are we can improve the the quality of your life substantially!


Your Minneapolis Acupuncture Clinic,

Mason and Sandra McClellan LAc’s MSOM


Sedona 2012

Sedona AZ

Acupuncture Clinic Address:

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Minnesota Clinic of Integrated Medicine

7965 Stone Creek Drive, Suite 130

Chanhassen MN 55317


PS…There is a ton of great information on this site. We are constantly adding health tips, articles, and blog thoughts. Check back often and browse to your healthy little heart’s content to learn more about who we are and what we do. We answer many questions you may have about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its application to modern Western living here.